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    BIO-Guard EMF Protectors - Mobile Use [Zerophone]

This is a functional material to observe the electron wave that is released from mobile phone and wireless phone antenna that is designed in circular shape to make easy attachment to the antenna area. This is the absorption body that reduces the volume of electro-wave closely attached to the human brain.

The electron wave is the wave consisted of two ingredients of electric field (V/m) and magnetic field (mG). The electric field is easily open and close by the conducive substance (metal substance), and since our body penetrates the electricity that it would easily eliminate the electric field(V/m) under the foot sole through the skin surface that it would not impact much to human body, however, the magnetic field (mG) would easily penetrate all substances including metal with the exception of some special substances. Consequently, the one that impacts harm to human body among the electron wave is the magnetic field (mG). This product is the only patented product in the world with its absorption of the magnetic field (mG) that is most harmful to the human body from the electric waves. In particular, in the event of the mobile phones, it has to be used by closely placed to the human brain, the temperature of the brain is increased to cause various disease. ZEROPHONE is the innovative product to protect from the electron wave to keep health for us.

The bodily heat when the mobile phone is not used and when the mobile phone is used, the bodily heat would have substantial increase, but when the electro-wave absorbing device is attached and used, the bodily heat would appear like a normal person.

HomeOthersBIO-Guard EMF Protectors - Mobile Use [Zerophone]

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