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Use and service period
For laundry washer (available to use on the drum washer)
Approximately 3 years or longer (based on once a day of use)
Characteristics of Bio Magic Globe
1. 'Bio Magic Globe' Washing Ball enables the agent free washing with the scientific design and 4 types of special natural ceramic ball.
2. Design and 'Bio Magic Globe' Washing Ball alone may substitute the function of existing synthetic powder agent.
3. As a result of testing by nationally certified institution, outstanding grades may be confirmed from washing capability, whitening, sterilization and the like.
4. Compared to the existing washing method, it may gain various economic effects, such as, savings of agent, water, electricity, time and others.
5. This is global invention product with the application filed for domestic invention and patent, practical new design, design, trademark and the like.
6. Non-agent 'Bio Magic Globe' Washing Ball has the functions of well-being product, environment protection product, health product, science product and others.
Principle of laundry
1. 'Bio Magic Globe' generates powerful far infrared ray wave energy to cut off the hydrogen and binding of water molecule to have smaller water cluster to have the penetration and washing, at the same time, it radiates the anion electron to lower the surface tensile and interfacial tension for possible agent-free washing.
2. The alkali ball maintains the alkali (PH 10) of all synthetic agent level to wash well for the dirt of oil ingredient, the main cause of pollution.
3. The chloride removing ball removes the chlorine compound in water to improve the washing capability by moderating the water surface tension.
4. The anti-bacterial ball removes various fungus and germs inside the washer and water, it activates the water to heighten the washing reaction, unique function of water.
5. The washability improves by the friction force of external protrude and water pressure ejected through the protrusion.
Effect of use
1. By washing off without using the agent, it down not cause any healthy problems from the residue in textile.
2. It prevents the oxidation and discoloration of textile in a way of protecting the fabric and maintain the flexibility of textile.
3. With the powerful anti-bacteria reaction, it removes the fungus inside the textiles and washer, pathogenic bacteria and others to remove the odor and cleaning.
4. Due to such integrated reaction, there is no need of separate laundry supplement agents, such as, whitening agent, fabric softener and others.
5. For those who have tender and sensitive skin, like, children, women and others, it is particularly needed for the use of non-agent 'Bio-Magic Groove' Washing Ball.
6. With the buffer reaction of the washing ball, the laundry inside the washer is prevented from mixture and twisting that it is very convenient.
7. It has various economic effects protects the skin health, as well as reducing the pollution of the natural environment due to the synthesis agent as the global invention.
Basic principle
1. From the several characteristics of Magic Ball of our company, the far infrared ray energy in and particular has the highest micron radiation ratio of 4~24 micron range that it would assert great impact to the cells of human body and animal, and plant. And, Magic Ball of our company is manufactured for releasing high radiation rate (90%) for far infrared ray and energy in high temperature (25℃). (For reference, it was impossible to measure the radiation rate for the far infrared ray from the high temperature by the domestic institutions that our company requested measured by the "Life Water Research Institute" in Japan.)

2. When contacting with water (liquid), due to the release of the far infrared ray energy and electron, the water cluster becomes smaller, and at the same time, it is combined with other reactions to change into the activated water (liquid) beneficial to human.

3. In particular, five major reactions of Magic Ball are shown as follows.

Classification Basic principle Effect
Activation reaction Molecular movement is changed to active water to turn into living water. Maintain freshness ;
Substance conservation effect
Purification reaction It heightens the self-purification by activating the enzyme that is melted in the water. Anti-bacteria, bacteria control effect ;
Deodorant and whitening effect ;
Purification effect
Adjustment reaction By making the water molecule lump smaller, the viscosity is lowered and the penetration and moisture protection are increased. Oxidation prevention effect ;
Training effect
Restoration reaction When contacted with metal, it moderates the displacement difference of the boundary line and controls the corrosion, and it uses the generation of active hydrogen and discharge to disintegrate the rust. Rust prevention effect
Eduction reaction In the event of ionizing with the magnetism of water, the displacement difference of boundary of water and metal would be resolved, and it would cause the scale to lose the electric magnetism to grow the solid particle for crystallization. Coagulation sedimentation effect

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