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Normal table salt constitutes mainly sodium chloride and it poses health risks. On the contrary, Korean Purple Bamboo Salt has been used as a folk remedy for prevention and treatment of various diseases since 1,000 years ago. According to Dr. Linus Pauling, mineral deficiency is the primary cause of all diseases. Normal table salt is lacking of minerals and causes acidosis. Korean Purple Bamboo Salt is known to have various therapeutic effects on viral diseases such as ininflammatory diseases, dental plaque, gastritis, diabetes, circulatory disorder, cancers, allergies and many other diseases.

VWA Korean Purple Bamboo Salt-9 Times is manufactured by Master of Korean Intangible Cultural Property (Monk Hyosan). It is specially processed by natural ingredients of sun-dried sea salt, bamboo, pine tree firewood, pine resin at high temperature controlled clay furnace. During the final 9-time melting process at above 1,500°C, the salt is melted completely. Thereby all of noxious materials like heavy metals in salts are eliminated and good properties of bamboo are absorbed. This entire process is converting the minerals into ionic form which is highly bio-available. The pH level is approximately 10-11 & ORP is approximately -400mV to -300mV. This beneficial health property has powerful antioxidant function to reverse acidosis and aging.

VWA Korean Purple Bamboo Salt-9 Times is world-class bamboo salt, second to none.

Health Benefits of VWA Korean Purple Bamboo Salt - 9 TIMES

1. Corrects mineral deficiency
2. Inhibits inflammation
3. Reverses acidosis
4. Anti-oxidant
5. Detoxification
6. Improves blood circulatory
7. Anti-allergy
8. Anti-aging
9. Promotes well-being

9 Main Features

1. 100% made in Korea
2. 100% natural ingredients
3. 100% traditional
    (produced under the guidance by Monk Hyosan)
4. 100% melted & roasted 9 times
5. 100% safe
6. 100% organic
7. 100% healthy
8. 100% top quality
9. 100% historically proven


For healthcare:

Melt 2-3g or one teaspoon of bamboo salt in one glass of water and drink it 30 minutes before or after meal, after getting up and before going to bed. Consume 3 to 5 times a day.

For face/ skin massage:

Place small amount of bamboo salt in the palm & massage onto the skin, rinse with warm and then cold water to promote elasticity.

For weight loss:

Massage bamboo salt onto the fleshy part of the body & then rinse with water.

For oral hygiene:

Use toothbrush to brush your teeth & gums with bamboo salt, then rinse with water.


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HomeOthersKorean Purple Bamboo Salt

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