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Studies on alkaline water
    Anticancer Effect of Alkaline Reduced Water  (105 KB)
    Anti-Diabetic Effect of Alkaline-Reduced Water  (110 KB)
    Antioxidant Effects by Electrolysis of NaCl Solutions  (244 KB)
    Antioxidants in the treatments of patients with renal failure  (101 KB)
    Antioxidative Activity of a Cathodic Solution  (1008 KB)
    Availability of Alkaline Ionic Water as a Cooking Water   (351 KB, kor.)
    Comparison of Characteristics on Electrolyzed Water  (542 KB, kor.)
    Effects of Alkaline Water on Spontaneously Diabetics  (234 KB, kor.)
    Electrochemistry Encyclopedia  (262 KB)
    Electrolyzed Hydrogen-Saturated Water  (106 KB)
    Electrolyzed-Reduced Water reduces Oxidative Damage  (189 KB)
    Microcluster Mineral Technology  (65 KB)
    Protective mechanism against pancreatic ß-cell damage  (243 KB)
    The Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells  (338 KB)
    The mechanism of the enhanced antioxidant effects  (310 KB)
    Therapeutic Effect - Chronic Idiophthic Constipation  (1533 KB, kor.)
    Understanding Alkaline Ionized Water  (169 KB)
    Die Elektrochemie des Wassers ...  (210 KB, german)
    Clinical applications of electrolyzed-reduced water  (33 KB)
    New Scientific View Of the Functional Properties of Water  (46 KB)
    Clinical Evaluation of Alkaline pH Miracle Ionized Water  (41 KB)
    Alkaline Water and Intestinal Fermentation  (57 KB)
    Effects on formation and maintenance of osseous tissues  (30 KB)
    Alkaline ionized water for abdominal complaints  (36 KB)
    Diabetes mellitus und aktiviertes Wasser  (709 KB, german)

Studies on acidic water
    Antimicrobial activity of electrolyzed oxidizing water  (140 KB)
    Activity of Electrolyzed Water Against Penicilium expansum  (117 KB)
    Electrolyzed Acid-Water as Cleaning Water  (243 KB, kor.)
    Bacterial Activity of Electrolyzed Acid Water  (318 KB)
    Effects on Tilletia indica Teliospore Germination  (216 KB)
    Inactivating Listeria Monocytogenes in Lettuce  (1642 KB)
    Effectiveness of Ionized Water in Burns and Wounds  (81 KB)
    Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water - Inactivating Escherichia coli  (62 KB)
    Ozonated and Electrolyzed Waters to Decontaminate Hides   (77 KB)
    Hydrogen particals and supersaturation in alkaline water  (149 KB)
    University of Istanbul Study on Acid Water   (174 KB)
    University of Istanbul Study on Acid Water  (178 KB, german)
    Aufbereitetes Wasser in der Ferkelaufzucht  (289 KB, german)
    Aktiviertes Wasser statt Chemie  (855 KB, german, Press Release)
    Efficacy/Tolerability of Electrolyzed Water Treating Acne  (451 KB)
    Oxidiertes Wasser eliminiert Keime  (42 KB, german, Press Text)

Other sources
    Sanyo: filtering system against bird flu  (24 KB, Press Release)

The information in the documents above is sourced from various peer reviewed literature as well as various Internet sites. This information is for educational purposes only and is not ment to cure or treat any disease or illness. Consult your doctor for specialised medical advice.

HomeLearnClinical Studies

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