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Primary ACF Fiber Activated Carbon Filter

High Performance Filter for the Formation of Phi Water

This filter filters relatively large suspended matter like rust and dregs, residual chlorine in water, and volatile organic compounds.

* Option : The properties of matter such as water temperature water and [hydraulic] pressure can be changed according to where to be installed

Secondary Composite Phi Ceramic Filter

- abundant with various minerals
- prevent activation of enzymes
- prevent unhealthy microorganism
- remove viruses

M ceramic
Keeps the balance of ions. It is an ion ceramic.

P ceramic
It has plenty of inorganic minerals and gives good heat conductivity, and dissolves nutrients well to convert into the ingredients for human body to react well. Thus, it improves metabolism of human body.

K ceramic
It has plenty of mineral and makes water stable because this ceramic has been baked from the clay fermented by TM.

** 3,600L(6 month cycle) by the standard of the passing water quantity of 20L a day.

*** All 4 types of ceramic used in the filter are made of Total Micro-organisms (TM) that fermented from natural sources. There are plasticized at the temperature of 1,200°C. Hence, it has magnetic resonance wave of photosynthetic bacteria and has powerful anti-oxidant properties. The photosynthetic bacteria are 50% richer in various amino acids than that of soy beans. There are rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and bio-active subtances. Therefore, it shows dramatic results in anti-aging, regulates blood pressure, lower blood sugar and offers hosts of health benefits.


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