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VWA's water ionizer is a product registered as 'a medicinal substance-producing equipment' on the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) due to its strict quality control and system, and cab easily generate abundant alkali water and acid water.

The whole automatic control system with built-in CPU chips
All actions of the reduction water appliance are all automatically controlled by the semiconductor CPU chips which automatically seek and control the best operating conditions in consideration of current quantity and water quality.
Touch-type automatic water supply structure and seven-color back lights
One touch of a button enables to start and stop water supply without any other operations, and divides and displays alkaline and acid waters by seven colors.
Voice guide service
Warning voices enable to more safely and conveniently use the product for the explanation and safety of various functions.
Display and guide of filter change cycle
Filter change cycles are designed to be displayed by voice guides and LCD icons to be easily known.
Phi water type purifying filters
The filters consisting of the 1st high efficient filters and the 2nd functional filters realize the best clean water status fitted to serviced water.
Automatic examination safety function
Safety examinations are conducted according to the setup conditions after the installation of the product, and voice guides are done in case of impropriety.
Function of adjusting source water quantity
The valve adjusting source water quantity was used to prevent the worsening of the product function in case that source water quantity flows in too much.
Anti-virus system of the electrolytic tank
The energy generated in supplying necessary water basically controls the propagation of microorganisms and keep the optimal status through its automatic cleaning function.
Adoption of five electrodes made of dream material, platinum and holed titanium
The use of new materials of platinum and titanium for the electrodes of the electrolytic tank, the core part of the reduction water appliance, extends its life span and heightens the ratio of generating hydrogen.
Use of the best diaphragm
The use of the best diaphragm enables to generate the exact pH density at each level.
RTR (Real Time Refresh) type automatic washing
This always keeps the electrolytic tank clean and thus enables a safe electrolytic capacity.
The first automatically controllable SMS method power supplier in the industry
The power provided to each part is monitored at the CPU chip and is safely supplied to maintain the safe use of the function of the product.
Function of automatically stopping water supply
Water supply is stopped to prevent water overflow 5 minutes after the selection of a function.
Adoption of digital type custom LCD
Users can more easily use the product since it is coated by touch panels and its functional selection is displayed by icons.
4 channel automatic interface mode
A high difficulty level control system was incorporated to supply various powers by making power levels as four channel system.

LCD Control Panel Designation by Product Feature

Akaline Water(1ST,2ND,3RD),Purified Water(H2O) and Acidic Water(1ST,2ND) Icons are Selected, back-light is turned on the same to standard

Application for the patent of the medicinal substance-producing equipment

The Korean name of the invention: The ion water purifier using SMPS and its control method

High frequency DC (tens ~ hundreds KHz) is used for it after it is converted from AC line frequency (50~60 Hz) by applying the Switching Mode Power Supply mode. It also maximizes the power usage rate by the pulse width modulation transforming frequency, and thus has not only high competitiveness with its high efficiency and economy but also the technological composition to highly improve the stable power compared to the existing transformer modulation. It can be used as multi formation by setting up system modulation.

- 4 channel automatic interface digital mode
- Maximizing power use by optimizing power supply
- Built-in circuits preventing overflow of electricity
- Touch mode and under-sink mode conversion system

Electrolytic reduction water quick in penetration

Since the cluster (the number of water molecule/about 15~16 molecules for general water) size of the alkaline electrolytic reduction water is small, it is quickly absorbed into a body and enables to eliminate waste matter easily. The water whose cluster is one-third of the size of general water, and permeates deep into our body, this is the alkaline electrolytic reduction water.

NMR Analysis of the medicinal substance-producing equipment

NMR shows the measures on the cluster size of water

ORP Analysis of the medicinal substance-producing equipment

Tested anti-virus effect

The results of the anti-virus test on colon bacillus and yellow grape-shape micrococcus are as follows:

The solution capacity of the medicinal substance-producing equipment

The solution capacities of the alkaline reduction water were tested for coffee, green tea bag and powder. We get to know that it permeates and solves them much more quickly than general drinking water through such experiment.

Efficacy Test of TM Ceramic

(a) Live Blood Test

(b) 5-Day Cultivation of Kidney Beans

(c) 10-Day Preservation of Bean Sprouts

(d) 20-Day Anti-Rust Test

Please use it for suitable purposes


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